Bus timetables and bus stations in Croatia Zagreb, Split, Rijeka

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welcome to croatia-bus.com website. This is the place where you can find information about all major intercity bus lines within The Republic of Croatia, but also about major international bus lines with departure or destination city in Croatia.

The most important information – timetables – are presented in easy-to-use table forms. Besides departure and arrival time, you can find out travel duration, which carrier operates on specific bus line (that can be very useful if you are planning round trip – you can save money with special discounts), and one very interesting information: ticket price.

Here we present links to bus lines which our visitors searched for the most frequently:

Bus Zagreb Vienna and Vienna Zagreb

Bus Zagreb Ljubljana and Ljubljana Zagreb

Bus Zagreb Belgrade and Belgrade Zagreb

Bus Rijeka Trieste and Trieste Rijeka

Bus Zagreb Rijeka and Rijeka Zagreb

Bus Zagreb Trieste and Trieste Zagreb

Bus Zagreb  Plitvice lakes and Plitvice lakes Zagreb

Bus Dubrovnik Split and Split Dubrovnik

Bus Zagreb Split and Split Zagreb

Many other bus lines you can find on top menu under Timetable. You can also search for bus line in search box in upper right corner of web page (put your  search term and then just press Enter). If you don’t see ticket price, usually you can find it on return journey line. For instance, if there is no ticket price for bus line Sibenik – Zagreb, you can find it out on bus line Zagreb – Sibenik.

Have in mind that bus lines are subject of change, so departure and arrival time can be changed by the carriers. Ticket price (in table price is for one-way journey)  is approximate, and can also be changed by the carrier. So it is recommended to check critical data before journey to avoid unpleasant surprises. You can do that by contacting departure bus station or the carrier.

Tips for travelling by bus

Keep a bus ticket to the end of travel. Otherwise, you may face problems with controlers who can charge a penalty and a ticket!

You do not return the same or the next day? Return ticket may be valid up to 6 months for the long distance travel. Check when you buy ticket – you can acquire substantial savings.

Return ticket is normally possible to be extended, usually with a written request to carrier.

Return travel normally has to be done with bus line of carrier whom you paid ticket. But on some lines return ticket can be valid for cooperating carrier partner – but that you need to ask in advance when purchasing a return ticket.

Bus travel discounts

Travelers can take advantage of discounts for bus travel. The amount of discount depends on the particular carrier, and the carrier’s discount may vary depending on line distance. Therefore, we present a generalized categories and the usual discounts here:  Bus travel discounts.

Train and train stations in Croatia

Besides bus, you can find domestic and international train lines on our website – timetables with price lists. Here we present links to bus lines which our visitors searched for the most frequently:

Train Zagreb Vienna and Vienna Zagreb

Train Zagreb Belgrade and Belgrade Zagreb

Train Zagreb Ljubljana and Ljubljana Zagreb

Train Zagreb Budapest and Budapest Zagreb

Many other train lines you can find here: Train

Detail information about the most significant train lines in domestic and international transportation, contact info – phone numbers and address, position on the map and info about working hours you can find for following train stations:

Train station Zagreb

Train station Split

Train station Rijeka

Train station Osijek

Train station Vinkovci

Train station Pula

Train station Zadar

Train station Ljubljana

Train station Belgrade

Train station Sarajevo

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