Bus Zagreb to Prijedor

Bus Zagreb to Prijedor new timetable – schedule

Timetable: departures from Zagreb, arrivals to Prijedor, fares (ticket price), travel duration and the carrier

Distance in km:

DepartureArrivalTicket price (HRK)CarrierTravel duration h:mmOperates on
10:3015:00155,00PEPEKS d.o.o. ( Toping trade )4:30every day
15:0018:25127,00PEPEKS d.o.o. ( Toping trade )3:25every day
16:3020:25155,00PEPEKS d.o.o. ( Toping trade )3:55every day
20:0023:40155,00PEPEKS d.o.o. ( Toping trade )3:40every day

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