Bus from Zagreb to Split Timetable

Bus from Zagreb to Split – timetable

Timetable: departures from Main  Zagreb Bus Station, arrivals to Split Bus Station, ticket price, travel duration and the  carrier.

Distance: 416 km

DepartureArrival Price (HRK)The CarrierDuration hh:mm
0:305:45   156,00Panoramabus5:15
6:0011:00   204,00Auto Poduzece Z.5:00
6:0013:35   180,00Cazmatrans Dalmacija7:35
7:0013:25   155,00Croatia bus6:25
7:1512:35   156,00Panoramabus5:20
7:3016:00   196,00Busni promet8:30
8:0013:00   205,00Promet Makarska5:00
8:3014:45   176,00Samoborcek6:15
8:4017:15   115,00Croatia bus8:35
9:3014:25   204,00Auto Poduzece Z.4:55
10:0015:00   205,00Promet Makarska5:00
10:3017:30   176,00Samoborcek7:00
11:0019:35   219,00Autotransport Sibenik8:35
11:3020:00   196,00Busni promet8:30
12:0017:00   205,00Promet Makarska5:00
12:3018:50   205,00Promet Makarska6:20
13:3020:30   196,00Busni promet7:00
14:0019:00   205,00Promet Makarska5:00
14:1519:10   204,00Auto Poduzece Z.4:55
14:3019:30   205,00Promet Makarska5:00
16:0020:50   205,00Promet Makarska4:50
16:3022:40   176,00Samoborcek6:10
17:0022:10   204,00Auto Poduzece Z.5:10
17:3022:30   205,00Promet Makarska5:00
19:001:35   115,00Croatia bus6:35
19:301:00   200,00Autotrans5:30
19:300:00   204,00Auto Poduzece Z.4:30
20:001:50   176,00Samoborcek5:50
21:002:35   155,00Croatia bus5:35
22:303:45   176,00Samoborcek5:15
23:004:30   180,00Cazmatrans Nova5:30
23:555:00   204,00Auto Poduzece Z.5:05
23:595:00   205,00Promet Makarska5:01

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