Tips for traveling by bus

Keep a bus ticket to the end of travel. Otherwise, you may face problems with controlers who can charge a penalty and a ticket!

You do not return the same or the next day? Return ticket may be valid up to 6 months for the long distance travel. Check when you buy ticket – you can acquire substantial savings.

Return ticket is normally possible to be extended, usually with a written request to carrier.  

Return travel normally has to be done with bus line of carrier whom you paid ticket. But on some lines return ticket can be valid for cooperating carrier partner – but that you need to ask in advance when purchasing a return ticket.

Refunds for unused trip is normally possible to get at least a few hours before the departure of the bus. But the amount of station services and reservations probably will not get back. You should know that the amount of refund can be decreased for 10%  due to operational expenses.

If you have more basis for a discount when buying tickets, you must know that the discounts are not cumulative. Use the privilege with the highest rates.

If you miss train or airplane due to bus delays, it is most likely you will not be able to ask for refund (e.g. airline tickets). Carriers are enclosing a legal form of wording something like for damages incurred due to delays or interruptions of travel if it was caused due to objective reasons or force nature, the carrier is not responsible.

For any damage loss or damage to your luggage carrier fits up to a certain amount (this can be 1000-3000 Kn). But if the damage occurred because you haven’t pack luggage well, the carrier will not compensate.

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Tips for traveling by bus

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