Bus Varazdin Zagreb

Bus lines Varazdin – Zagreb timetable – schedule

Timetable: departures from Varazdin, arrivals to Zagreb, ticket price, travel duration and the  carrier

Distance in km: 83

DepartureArrivalCarrierTravel duration h:mm
3:304:50Busni promet1:20
4:005:15Croatia bus1:15
4:306:00Busni promet1:30
5:006:45Busni promet1:45
5:357:00Busni promet1:25
5:357:10Busni promet1:35
6:007:45Busni promet1:45
7:108:55Busni promet1:45
8:009:45Busni promet1:45
8:5010:35Busni promet1:45
9:3010:55Busni promet1:25
10:0011:45Busni promet1:45
10:5012:30Busni promet1:40
12:0013:40Busni promet1:40
13:0014:45Busni promet1:45
13:3014:55Busni promet1:25
14:0015:30Busni promet1:30
14:3016:35Croatia bus2:05
15:1517:00Busni promet1:45
16:1017:45Busni promet1:35
18:0019:20Busni promet1:20
19:1521:00Busni promet1:45
20:0021:40Croatia bus1:40
20:4522:15Busni promet1:30
22:450:25Busni promet1:40

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